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ACT CTP Insurance

The Australian Capital Territory has a common law, fault-based compulsory third party (CTP) scheme. Under the CTP insurance ACT scheme you must prove another person is at fault to be able to receive any compensation if you are injured in a road accident. You cannot make a claim if you were the driver and totally at fault (or if it was nobody’s fault).

How much compensation you receive depends on the type, extent and circumstances of your injury. A Life Time Care and Support scheme works as well as the ACT CTP insurance scheme to provide lifetime support for people who suffer catastrophic injuries in road accidents.

In the ACT, all vehicle owners pay for CTP insurance as part of their registration fee. When you pay for registration, you also have the option of changing your CTP provider. There are currently four insurers licensed to provide ACT CTP insurance:

ACT CTP insurance is a compulsory public scheme provided by private insurers, so it is heavily regulated. The regulator of the CTP scheme is the ACT Compulsory Third-Party Insurance Regulator. The regulator oversees insurer activities, any measures to reduce road accidents and ensures injured people receive speedy treatment.

Licensed CTP insurers in the ACT are responsible for setting their own premiums within certain guidelines. Before an insurer can vary premium prices, they must submit them to the ACT CTP regulator for approval.

You can contact the regulator with any questions, comments or feedback about Canberra CTP insurance using Access Canberra Feedback.


ACT CTP regulator apps.treasury.act.gov.au/compulsorytpi.

Access Canberra Feedback.

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