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The Australian Capital Territory has a new CTP scheme. Compulsory Third Party insurance is now called Motor Accident Injuries (MAI) Insurance.

Until February 2020, it was a common law, fault-based CTP scheme. The new MAI scheme is not fault based. Even someone at fault can claim benefits if they are injured in a road accident. You can also make a claim if it was nobody’s fault, for example, a kangaroo.

What you receive depends on the type, extent and circumstances of the injury. Those with serious injuries can claim for damages. Meanwhile, the Life Time Care and Support scheme provides lifetime support for people with catastrophic injuries from crashes.

In the ACT, all vehicle owners pay for MAI insurance as part of their registration fee. When you pay for registration, you can also change your MAI provider.

Four insurers are licensed to provide MAI in the ACT:

ACT MAI insurance is a compulsory public scheme provided by private insurers, so it is heavily regulated. Motor Accident Injuries Commission is the regulator of the new  scheme. The regulator oversees insurer activities and road safety measures and ensures injured people receive speedy treatment.

ACT insurers are responsible for setting their own premiums within certain guidelines. Before an insurer can change prices, it must submit them to the ACT regulator for approval.

Note: If your registration is due between 30 April 2022 and 29 April 2023, you will receive one MAI premium refund. This is the difference between the higher price you paid for CTP and the lower price for most MAI premiums. 

You can use Access Canberra Feedback for any questions, comments or feedback about the old or new CTP scheme.


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