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Travel expenses in Sydney and Wagga


Wagga Wagga is the most affordable country area in Australia, costing $261 a week and 10% of incomes. Sydney households spend nearly two thirds more on transport than those in Wagga Wagga. Read more

Mobile pink slips for five NSW regions

The NSW government trial of mobile pink slips began in April 2018. It started with the Sydney metro, Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central Coast. In December 2019, drivers in Blue Mountains, Port Macquarie, Southern Highlands, Tamworth and Wagga Wagga will get the same opportunity. Read more

Reform of licence disqualification laws

Reforms to licence disqualification laws in NSW will start in late October 2017. These new laws will help people get back on track. They will give police more on-the-spot powers to take away plates or vehicles. Read more

You can still get driveway service

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Many older motorists may remember the days of driveway service at their local petrol station. That was before they were called service stations, which is ironic, considering there isn’t much of that.

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The big green slip scam

green slip scam

One of the reasons why green slips in NSW are so expensive is because of increasing fraud in the system. Victor Dominello has said fraudulent claims cost every vehicle owner an extra $75 a year in insurance.

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