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Is it better to commute by car or bus?


It’s probably cheaper to commute by bus in Sydney. However, the choice between a car or a bus is not always financial. We look at the average cost of running a car or catching a bus and the average commute times by car or bus. In fact, it may be better not to commute at all, if you can choose. Read more

Transport expenses far outrun CPI

In 2023, the average Australian household had to find an extra 13% for transport expenses. This was more than triple the 4.1% CPI. They spent more on new vehicles, interest rates on car loans, and insurance premiums. Sydney was the most expensive city and Launceston was the least affordable place for transport. Read more

New camera blitz on wearing seatbelts


Mobile phone detection cameras have been so successful, the NSW government is going to add seatbelt detectors. After a 9-month grace period, drivers caught not wearing seatbelts can be fined from mid-2024. Read more

Which Sydney suburbs have the worst traffic?

If you’ve been sitting in traffic today, you’re not the only one. Sydney is the most congested city in Australia and even more congested than Los Angeles or San Francisco. If possible, it’s worth avoiding certain suburbs and intersections in Sydney. Is it time for a congestion tax? Read more

Reform of Sydney’s tollroad network

From 1 January 2024, weekly tolls will be capped at $60 a week, on top of the existing rebate. The new NSW government has now taken on a review of Sydney’s tollroad network for the purpose of long-term reform. Read more

Save more money on tolls in NSW

affordable charge toll relief

Do you spend more than $375 a year in tolls? The Toll Rebate Scheme gives back up to $750 a year. Meanwhile, the Toll Relief scheme offers discounts on 12 month rego if you spent at least $877 up to $1,462 a year on tolls last financial year. Read more

NSW motorists to get cheaper greenslips

save excess refund

Motorists can look forward to saving about $19 on greenslips in 2022. The State Insurance Regulatory Authority will make insurers return their excess profits. A mechanism in the new NSW CTP scheme allows SIRA to step in when insurer profit goes over 10%. Read more

Travel expenses in Sydney and Wagga


Wagga Wagga is the most affordable country area in Australia, costing $261 a week and 10% of incomes. Sydney households spend nearly two thirds more on transport than those in Wagga Wagga. Read more