Compare CTP ACT

Compare CTP Canberra

Vehicle owners in Canberra have a choice of four private CTP insurers. Before renewing registration each year, you can compare CTP ACT providers to check their prices:

  • AAMI
  • APIA
  • GIO
  • NRMA Insurance

ACT licensed CTP insurers set their premiums each year. You can quickly find premiums on the ACT government site. Premiums apply for 12 months and vary only with class of vehicle and type of use.

Insurers offer two prices for each class – one for private use (not claiming an input tax credit) and one for business use (claiming an input tax credit). Other factors, such as driver age and claims history, do not affect premiums in the ACT.

Why compare CTP ACT

Always compare Canberra CTP before renewing your registration, to ensure you get the best value. Prices will vary, particularly if you have changed your vehicle class or type of use (business or private) during the year.

To help you compare CTP Canberra insurers, consider:

  • Price
  • Any current relationship with a CTP insurer
  • Any further benefits offered, such as At-Fault Driver Cover.

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