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On 1 July 2016 compulsory third party (CTP) insurance in South Australia ceased to be a government provided scheme and became privately insured. Until 1 July 2019, the scheme allocated each SA vehicle owner to one CTP provider for 3 years.

The CTP Regulator licenses four private CTP insurers to provide CTP in SA. You choose one of these CTP insurers:

The CTP Regulator provides ratings on each insurer, based on customer surveys of their handling of claims during the previous 6 months.

If you are injured in a road crash, you can claim the same compensation for your circumstances whoever is your CTP insurer.

CTP insurers set their own premiums for each class within a range set by the Regulator. That range is based on actuarial advice and the number and cost of claims projected for each year.

No insurer offers extra benefits with CTP, such as At-Fault Driver Cover, and they must provide exactly the same coverage.


Use these contacts to choose your CTP insurer or to make a claim.


Phone 13 22 44
Hours 8am to 10pm every day
Claims online aami.com.au
Email sactpclaims@aami.com.au
CTP extras None


Phone 13 1000

7.30am to 11pm Mon-Fri

8am to 9pm Sat-Sun

Claims online allianz.com.au
Email Facebook
CTP extras None


Phone 133 723

8am to 8pm Mon-Fri

8am to 1.30pm Sat

Claims online qbe.com.au
Email qbe4ctprewards@qbe.com
CTP extras $25 e-gift card


Phone 133 233
Hours 7.30am to 8:30pm every day
Claims online sgic.com.au
In person

122 Grenfell St, Adelaide, 5000 SA

Mon – Fri : 9.00am to 5.00pm

Email Webchat
CTP extras None

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