Registration Tasmania

Registration Tas

CTP insurance in Tasmania is included in the vehicle registration fee. How much you pay for car registration in Tasmania depends only on the class of your vehicle. For example, whether it is a motor car, light goods vehicle or heavy motorbike.

You can register light vehicles for 6 or 12 months and heavy vehicles for 3, 6 or 12 months. Vehicle owners who want to change the period of registration can do so whenever they renew their registration. A period less than 12 months is called periodic registration.

Owners have several ways to renew registration in Tasmania. Usually, you can renew registration by paying Service Tasmania online or by phone but you can also go to one of 27 shops around Tasmania.

Note, pensioners can get concessions on most fees, except for motor tax and registration plates, and only for one vehicle in each class.

Vehicle inspections

If more than 3 months has elapsed since registration expired, you have to start a new registration. To start a new registration, you must first get your vehicle checked at an approved inspection station (AIS). Next, take evidence of your own identity to a Service Tasmania centre.

In Tas, you don’t need a vehicle routinely inspected each time you want to renew registration. However, you will need a vehicle inspection at an AIS when:

  • Tasmanian registration has expired for 3 months or more
  • You want to transfer registration from another state to Tasmania
  • Your vehicle has a defect notice
  • It is the first registration of this vehicle in Australia.


Service Tasmania

Phone: 1800 006 224 (free call)  or 1300 135 513

Visit: Service Tasmania Mon-Fri, hours vary among centres


Write: Department of State Growth, GPO BOX 536, Hobart Tas 7001

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