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Digital licences and new phone penalties

digital drivers licences fines

Motorists in Victoria can look forward to digital drivers licences in 2024 following a trial in Ballarat. From March 2023, a further crackdown on using devices while driving aims to reduce deaths from distraction. Meanwhile, free online testing and P licences continues for novice drivers. Read more

Class action against Uber in Vic

taxi drivers

Disgruntled taxi drivers in Melbourne have the chance to take part in a possible class action against Uber. Lawyers claim taxi drivers experienced severe loss of income between 2013 and August 2017 because of Uber. They allege taxi drivers operated within the law while Uber ignored it. It is a sign of big changes in Victoria’s passenger vehicle industry. Read more

Register your Vic vehicle short term

short-term rego

Most vehicle owners in Victoria have to register for 12 months but next year that’s going to change. If your rego expires on or after 1 January 2018, you will have the option to pay for 3, 6 or 12 months. The Vic government hopes short-term rego will help take the pain away from the annual $800.80 bill for registration and CTP insurance. Read more

Cut good drivers some slack


Nobody likes to get an infringement notice. But many people genuinely believe they are good drivers and are surprised when they receive one. In Victoria, licence suspensions are mandatory for drivers caught speeding more than 25kmh over the limit. Read more

Self-driving cars trial in Victoria

self-driving trial

Next time you take a toll road in Melbourne, you could be travelling next to a self-driving vehicle. It is a new trial in Victoria, run by VicRoads, Transurban, the Victoria Police and the RACV. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Volvo will supply the vehicles. While it sounds risky, there will be a driver with one hand on the wheel. Read more

The cost of getting around in Melbourne


A March 2017 report found Melbourne is the the third most expensive city in Australia for getting around, with yearly transport costs of $18,889. This is 14.5% of average income, compared to a national average of 13%. Considering average income rather than actual cost, Melbourne is the fourth most affordable. Read more

Call the road toll what it is

Vic crashes

Did you know 280 people lost their lives on Victorian roads in the 12 months to May 2017? It’s a shocking statistic – 6.1% more lives lost than the previous year. It’s the second worst after NSW where 362 died in the year to April 2017.

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