Cut good drivers some slack


Nobody likes to get an infringement notice. But many people genuinely believe they are good drivers and are surprised when they receive one. In Victoria, licence suspensions are mandatory for drivers caught speeding more than 25kmh over the limit.

As a result, Road Safety Camera Commissioner suggested authorities cut some slack for drivers with an otherwise untarnished record.

Driver compliance

In Victoria, more than 99% of vehicles passing fixed and mobile cameras do not receive a fine. This is a high compliance rate.

Even so, speeding carries high penalties. As well as suspension periods, drivers face 4 to 8 demerit points and heavy fines from $436-$793.

Speed over limit Suspension period Demerit points Fine
25-34kmh 1 month 4 $436-$515
35-44kmh 6 months 6 $595-$674
45kmh or over 12 months 8 $793

It’s no wonder drivers with an otherwise clean driving record feel hard done by when caught speeding more than 25kmh over the limit.

Show discretion

Road Safety Camera Commissioner has asked the Victorian government to consider changing the law to give police and the courts discretion about suspending licences. He also made 11 other recommendations, including education about point to point cameras.

Victoria’s Police Minister will put these recommendations to Victoria Police and TAC, through the Ministerial Road Safety council. Any advice on these recommendations must take into account improving road safety, driver behaviour and community confidence.

No effect of virus

Community confidence is always an important consideration. The commissioner recently investigated whether a virus had affected the integrity of speed or red light infringements or the accuracy of fixed cameras. There was no evidence for this.

So drivers can be confident that, if they get an infringement notice, they were speeding. And they could lose their licence.

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