Registration Qld

Qld registration

In Queensland, the registration fee already includes the CTP insurance premium. Your registration Qld renewal shows the name of your current CTP insurer. While you can switch providers at any time, it takes effect the next time registration is due.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) sends out registration notices about 4 weeks before the due date. You can change providers on the DTMR site or directly with your chosen CTP insurer.

In Qld, light vehicle owners can register for 1, 6 or 12 months. The 1-month period is available only by direct debit and only owners of heavy vehicles have a 3-month option.

You must apply for a new registration if:

A roadworthy certificate is known as a safety certificate in Qld. Only approved inspection stations (AIS) can issue safety certificates. You need a safety certificate when you want to:

There is no need to get a safety certificate to renew registration in Qld.

Remember, eligible pensioners can get concessions on registration fees but only one concession per couple on the same vehicle.


Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR)

Phone: 13 23 80, 8am to 5pm, Mon-Fri

Visit: Transport and Main Roads customer service centre or Roads offices

Write: Department of Transport and Main Roads, PO Box 673 FORTITUDE VALLEY Qld 4006

What do you want to do?

1. How much is Qld rego monthly?

The amount you pay for Qld rego monthly depends on the type of vehicle, number of cylinders and whether it is for private or business use. Remember, 1 month registration is available only via direct debit.

A regular private vehicle with 4 cylinders costs $66* a month.
A 6-cylinder dual cab ute costs $86.45* a month.

*Quotes here include rego and CTP at December 2022.

2. What is required to register a car in Qld?

To register a car in Qld for the first time, you need to go to a Transport and Motoring service centre with:

  • Evidence of identity
  • Proof of the vehicle’s garaging address
  • Queensland safety certificate from approved service station
  • Pre-purchase of CTP insurance to drive to get registration
  • Application forms
  • Payment.

See Transfer for a full checklist of what is required to register a car in Qld.

3. When did Qld stop using rego stickers?

Qld stopped using rego stickers more than 8 years ago on 1 October 2014. It uses number plate scanning technology to see whether or not a vehicle is registered.