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New emissions-based registration for the ACT

Every ACT motorist can expect a new way of calculating vehicle registration from July 2024. Fees will be based on emissions from their vehicle, rather than weight. Meanwhile, more people with concession cards can qualify for free vehicle registration from July 2023. Read more

New CTP scheme for Canberrans


From 1 February 2020, Canberrans will have a new, no-fault system of motor vehicle accident insurance. CTP will now be known as Motor Accident Injury (MAI) insurance. The purpose of reform is to provide: Read more

Canberra jury chooses new CTP scheme

citizens jury

Vehicle owners in Canberra should save $91 to $171 a year under a new CTP insurance scheme. The new scheme will give everyone injured in car accidents access to defined treatment and income support, whether it was their fault or not. People with serious injuries caused by another driver will be able to claim higher amounts in the courts. Read more

Are Canberra drivers the worst in the country?

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You may have heard Canberra drivers are the worst in the country. Whether it is true or not – and by what standards – nobody claims to know. If the measure used is safety, then ACT is the safest place to be a driver. In fact, only five people died on ACT roads in 2017. Read more

Progress of Canberra’s CTP jury

citizens jury

The citizens jury formed to debate changes to the ACT CTP scheme has now met twice. Its report recommends five priorities for the scheme. A majority approved the top three. They are: early access to medical and economic support, equitable cover for everybody and a value for money and efficient system. Read more

Citizens jury to debate ACT CTP

citizens jury

The ACT government will be funding a series of citizens juries to make important reforms. The first citizens jury will give its verdict on the best ways to improve the ACT compulsory third party (CTP) scheme without making premiums more expensive. Currently, the cheapest insurer in the scheme is at least $100 more than the Australian average. Read more

Services that drive you home in Canberra

designated driving

You must have CTP insurance if you want to own and drive a vehicle in the ACT. But just because you own a vehicle does not mean you always want to drive it. Why not investigate new on-demand options for getting around?

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ACT budget for motorists

save excess refund

The ACT budget for 2017 had a few nasty surprises for motorists but could make a few campers happy. Parking fees and fines are going up but registration fees for Canberra caravans and camper trailers are going down. Read more

Premiums have gone down in the ACT

Cheaper ACT CTP

The ACT is the only state or territory in Australia where CTP insurance premiums have gone down. In fact, the cost of living in Canberra may be very favourable. Last year, Canberra ranked first in the world for the quality of its standard of living.

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