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MAI insurers in Canberra

Four insurers provide MAI insurance to vehicle owners in the ACT. Under the new 2019 scheme, the Motor Accident Injuries Commission took over the supervisory role of the ACT Regulator. Vehicle owners are still able to choose an insurer. Below are contact details for each one, including phone, hours, website and any extra driver cover.

The four insurers licensed in Canberra are:


Phone 13 22 44
Hours 8am to 10pm every day
Website aami.com.au
CTP extras None


Phone 13 50 50
Hours 8am to 8pm Mon to Fri

9am to 5pm weekends

Website apia.com.au
CTP extras Driver Cover Plus


Phone 13 10 10
Hours 8am to 10pm every day
Website gio.com.au
CTP extras ACT Driver Cover Plus


Phone 132 132
Hours 7am to 10pm every day
Website nrma.com.au
CTP extras At-fault driver cover up to $500,000

While the MAI insurers set their own premiums, they must first submit them to the Commission for its approval.

MAI cover from each licensed insurer is exactly the same. As a vehicle owner, you do not have to stay with the same one each year. If you have an existing relationship with an insurer, you may get the benefit of discounts on other products you hold with them.

Extra driver cover

Three insurers in ACT offer further benefits on top of MAI, known as At-Fault Driver Cover. You may consider this extra benefit when choosing your provider.

This extra benefit provides further compensation for drivers at fault in a road accident or when it is nobody’s fault. At-Fault Driver Cover provides lump sum benefits for certain injuries or a lump sum in case of the driver’s death.

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