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Who makes CTP claims in South Australia?

If you own a vehicle in South Australia and have a road accident, you can make a claim on your CTP insurance. Find out who is making CTP claims and how insurers are responding to them. Read more

Youi is the new CTP insurer in SA


General insurer, Youi, will begin selling CTP insurance in SA on 1 July 2022. It’s the first new insurer to join the SA CTP scheme since it was opened up to four private insurers. Read more

How well are the SA CTP insurers performing?

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The South Australian CTP scheme was opened up to private insurers on 1 July 2016. For the next 3 years, it allocated each vehicle owner one of four CTP insurers. After 1 July 2019, they were free to make their own choice. The Regulator now provides information on just how well those insurers are managing claims. Read more

A new tax on electric vehicles in South Australia

affordable charge toll relief

South Australians who are looking to buy an electric vehicle after 1 July 2021* will have to pay an extra tax. SA is the first state in Australia to introduce a road user charge for EVs to replace lost fuel excise. Read more

SA insurer ratings improve

survey insurer ratings

Vehicle owners now see service ratings for each CTP insurer on their registration renewal forms. In the 6 months to March 2020, all insurers improved their service ratings. Meanwhile, prices of CTP premiums stayed at $296.77. However from 1 July 2020, 1.2% of vehicle owners will have to pay more because of changes to district boundaries. Read more

SA motorists save on CTP

save excess refund

South Australian motorists could save up to $114 a year on CTP insurance since the market opened to competition in July 2019. In fact, a typical Adelaide household with 1.8 vehicles could save up to $200 for the year. Changes to ratings districts will save some vehicle owners even more money. Read more

Digital drivers licences not accepted everywhere in SA

digital drivers licences fines

In October 2017, South Australia was the first state in Australia to launch drivers licences on phones. They were intended to replace physical cards. During the first few months, learner drivers were most enthusiastic to take them up. Read more

Time to choose your CTP insurer


Vehicle owners in South Australia are about to get a choice of CTP insurers. During the 3-year transition from the MAC to four private insurers, owners were randomly allocated an insurer. From 1 July 2019, they must choose a CTP insurer based on price and service. Read more