Who makes CTP claims in South Australia?

If you own a vehicle in South Australia and have a road accident, you can make a claim on your CTP insurance. Find out who is making CTP claims and how insurers are responding to them.

Who is making CTP claims?

At 31 Dec 2023, there were 16,956 people making CTP claims in SA.

The average CTP claimant is a female driver, 25 to 54, with a minor injury:

  • 55% are female
  • 19% are 25 to 34
  • 19% are 45 to 54
  • 18% are 35 to 44

Nearly two thirds of claimants (64%) are drivers of the vehicles involved and 22% are passengers in those vehicle. Meanwhile, pedestrians and cyclists each made up 7% of CTP claims.

What types of injury do claimants have?

Fortunately, nearly two thirds of CTP claims were for minor injuries:

  • 65% were minor injuries
  • 16% had no physical injuries or insufficient evidence
  • 13% were moderate injuries
  • 2% died.

Do claimants use a lawyer?

In fact, fewer claimants are choosing to be represented by a lawyer since 2020-21:

  • The number of legally represented claims lodged fell from 2,208 to 705 as at Dec 2023.
  • Legal representation halved from 38.2% to 19.7% as at Dec 2023.

How quickly do insurers process CTP claims?

There are three important dates when insurers are processing CTP claims:

  • Notification date (ND) to compliance date – average is 41 days
  • ND to liability decision date – average is 108 days
  • ND to closure date – average is 535 days.
Compliance Liability    Closure
Average (days) 41 108 535
AAMI     43 112 531
Allianz  74 96 578
NRMA Insurance 52 105 466
QBE   15 115 573

While no insurer is quicker than average on all scores, NRMA Insurance is fastest overall in processing CTP claims.

Insurer market shares

Vehicle owners have been able to choose their insurer since July 2019. Then Youi joined the SA CTP scheme on 1 July 2022. As a result, there have been a lot of changes in market share:

2020-21   2023-24
AAMI   21% 29%
QBE    20% 23%
NRMA Insurance 40% 21%
Allianz 19% 20%
Youi    7%

To help you choose an SA insurer, you can find out the claimant service rating for each insurer here.