SA CTP premiums drop from 1 July 2023

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From 1 July 2023, CTP premiums paid in SA will be cheaper. This applies to cars, utes, taxis, rideshare and public passenger vehicles in metro and country areas.

Cheaper SA premiums

All owners of vehicles in SA will pay less for their CTP premiums from 1 July, regardless of insurer. There are currently 5 insurers competing for premiums in the state: Allianz, AAMI, QBE, NRMA Insurance and Youi.

Owners of:

  • metro passenger vehicles save $18.15 (6%)
  • country passenger vehicles save $8.57 (4%)
  • metro utes save $15.96 (down 5%)
  • country utes save $11.80 (down 6%)
  • metro taxis save $411.92 (down 13%)
  • country taxis save $87.22 (down 15%)
  • metro rideshares save $47.68 (down 5%)
  • country rideshares save $96.10 (down 16%).

At the same time, the small increases in drivers licence renewal fees are well below inflation.

Prices have fallen since 2016

CTP insurance was fully privatised in SA in July 2016. Before that, the SA government underwrote the CTP scheme.

Since July 2016, prices have fallen. In July 2023, the lowest available CTP premiums will have fallen by:

  • 33% from $411.25 to $276.84 for private passenger vehicles in the metro area.
  • 42% from $4,790.40 to $2,755.28 for taxis.

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