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RAC finds distractions behind the wheel

Spare a thought for the RAC patrols next time you break down and call them out. A recent survey of RAC patrol callouts revealed that distraction is a serious threat to road safety. However, some are the findings are not so serious. Read more

Speed cameras now catch WA bikers

Mobile speed cameras

Motorcyclists in WA used to avoid detection by mobile speed cameras simply because they lacked front licence plates. Now WA Police have started to use mobile speed cameras that can take images from the front and the back. This new technology will put motorcyclists in the same position as motorists. Read more

WA drivers hit in the pocket

transport costs

Perth residents have seen the biggest increase in transport costs across Australia, according to a transport affordability index. The average annual cost of transport was $17,023, $619 more than the previous quarter. Combined with a drop in weekly earnings, locals now spend 13.1% (10.5% last year) of their income just on getting around. Read more

Young men catastrophically injured on WA roads


WA’s Catastrophic Injuries Support (CIS) scheme has been running since July 2016. Unfortunately, people who were catastrophically injured in road crashes were younger and more severely injured than first estimated. Three quarters of those were young men. Read more

Some Uber drivers may be uninsured

ridesharing WA

Uber is more popular than a taxi in Perth, according to Roy Morgan research. It’s the first city in Australia where this is true. But many Uber drivers may not be complying with ridesharing legislation, introduced in July 2016. In fact, many are taking big personal risks by not being fully insured. Read more