Speed cameras now catch WA bikers

Mobile speed cameras

Motorcyclists in WA used to avoid detection by mobile speed cameras simply because they lacked front licence plates. Now WA Police have started to use mobile speed cameras that can take images from the front and the back. This new technology will put motorcyclists in the same position as motorists.

First state to use it

WA is the first state to use this type of technology. These sophisticated speed cameras can detect speeds and take front and back images across six lanes of traffic. Three are already working on WA roads. Another 25 will be installed by the end of June 2018.

During 2017, 25 motorcyclists died and 19 were seriously injured in accidents on WA roads. Police say motorcyclists, of all drivers, are more likely to die or be injured so speed cameras will help save their lives.

New laws in effect

In a similar development, WA motorists can no longer use software devices to avoid detection by speed cameras.

Amendments to the Road Traffic Code 2000 from 12 December 2017 ban these devices and allow police to book drivers who try to avoid cameras by driving off road or tailgating. Penalties for using software devices to avoid detection are heavy:

  • $1,200 fine for motor vehicles
  • $1,500 for heavy vehicles
  • Seven demerit points
  • Automatic loss of licence during double demerit period.

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