Compare CTP NSW

Compare prices in NSW

NSW is one of the few states where you must choose a CTP insurer. There is a choice of six licensed insurers and they set their own prices. While CTP insurance coverage must by law be the same, CTP prices vary. For this reason, compare prices before you buy.

How to compare CTP

Use the green slips calculator to compare prices from all six insurers. It takes only 3 or 4 minutes – much faster than contacting each CTP provider separately. You will get the cheapest price available for your vehicle.

The greenslips calculator uses exact prices insurers have submitted to the regulator. Insurers must not use any other prices in their quotes, whether directly or through a broker or agent. Use the greenslips calculator to compare CTP prices before you renew.

Choosing a CTP provider

After using the green slips calculator, you must pay your choice of CTP provider. To help you make the right choice, consider these factors:

  • Price
  • Relationship with a CTP insurer
  • Accessibility to an insurer for payment or renewal
  • At-Fault Driver Cover.

Allianz and NRMA offer a free extra benefit with their green slips, called At-Fault Driver Cover.

Remember: Prices for CTP insurance must be the same, no matter how or where you purchase, as long as they are based on your vehicle and accurate details.

Checklist to compare prices in NSW

Information Where to find it
Date registration is due Rego renewal notice
Type of vehicle – motor car, ute or motorcycle Check classification
Year of manufacture Rego renewal notice
Provider of current green slip Current green slip or RMS check
Provider of any other motor vehicle insurance Current policies held
Number of demerit points

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