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Tasmanian drivers collide with stationary objects

stationary object

Tasmania’s number one type of road crash, says insurer AAMI, is colliding with a stationary object. Second is a failure to give way crash and third is a nose-to-tail crash. The insurer blames driver distraction or multitasking. But Tasmanians are no more affected by these than other Australian drivers. Read more

Why Hobart commuters are not happy

Hobart affordable

Commuters may feel aggrieved that Sydney and Melbourne residents view Hobart as some kind of haven from the mainland. This is because Hobart’s peak hour commuting time is very long and ranks third in Australia after the big two. Not only that, it’s the second most expensive city, as a share of income, for weekly travel by car and public transport. Read more

Price freeze for Tas CTP

price freeze

Lucky Tasmanian motorists will pay unchanged registration/CTP premiums for at least 12 months. Owners of motor vehicles, motorcycles and taxis will all benefit. Transport Minister, Rene Hidding, says the welcome price freeze is partly because the cost of insurance claims has fallen. Read more

Cost of running a vehicle in Tas

cost of running

Do you know the cost of running your vehicle each week? The Royal Automobile Club Tasmania (RACT) does a survey each year to help you keep track.

Its 2017 survey reveals the cost of running 134 popular vehicles in 14 categories. The final cost is based on owning them privately for 5 years and driving about 12,000kms per year. It includes all expenses: purchase price, fuel, servicing, interest, insurance, new tyres and depreciation. Read more

Longer jail terms for dangerous driving

dangerous driving

Dangerous driving is a serious offence in Tasmania and it’s about to become a lot more serious. This is because dangerous driving will move from the Traffic Act to the Criminal Code. As a result, offenders face a trial by jury in the Supreme Court, rather than trial by magistrate only. They could end up in jail for up to 21 years. Read more