CTP Insurance NSW

NSW CTP scheme

CTP insurance is compulsory for everyone who owns and garages a vehicle in NSW.

A reformed NSW CTP scheme started on 1 December 2017. It created a safety net for all injured road users, whether at fault or not. For 6 months, they can receive benefits to cover loss of income and the cost of medical treatment and care. If not at fault, benefits are available for more than 6 months.

Those with more serious injuries can make claims for lump sum compensation. There is also a Lifetime Care and Support Scheme for those with catastrophic injuries.

The CTP scheme in NSW is not like other Australian states and territories as you must pay separately for CTP before you can register your vehicle.

There are 6 private insurers licensed to offer CTP insurance (also known as green slips) in NSW:

  • AAMI
  • Allianz
  • GIO
  • NRMA Insurance
  • QBE
  • Youi

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Regulation of the scheme

The CTP scheme is heavily regulated in NSW because it is a compulsory public scheme provided by private insurers.

State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) is the regulator. Its role is to monitor the performance of CTP insurers. Insurers set prices and have to submit them at least once a year to SIRA. SIRA can reject them if they do not meet the guidelines.

Contact SIRA for general concerns about the NSW CTP scheme or its CTPAssist service for information about making a claim.

Contact SIRA

General 1300 137 131
CTPAssist 1300 656 919
Write State Insurance Regulatory Authority
Motor Accidents Insurance Regulation
Level 6, McKell Building
2-24 Rawson Place
Sydney NSW 2000 or DX1517 Sydney

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1. Why is CTP insurance compulsory?

CTP insurance is compulsory because it protects you from financial burden if your vehicle is in a road crash causing injury or death to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. It also means they can be properly compensated, regardless of your ability to pay.

2. Does it matter who you get your CTP with?

No, all CTP green slips are the same. Each insurer has to provide the same statutory cover required by the legislation. However, you might choose an insurer for other reasons, such as ease of purchase, an existing relationship or for at-fault driver cover. NRMA Insurance provides extra cover for at-fault drivers on top of its green slip.