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Registration in Victoria

Registration in Victoria includes CTP insurance from the Transport Accident Commission (TAC). Vehicle owners can pay for 3, 6 or 12 months registration:

  • The registration cost depends on vehicle class (sedan, hatch, 4WD etc)
  • The fee for TAC CTP depends on your postcode (metro, outer metro or rural).
Types of vehicle Risk zones
Sedan, station wagon, hatch, 4WD Metropolitan – high risk
Goods carrying vehicles – up to 2 tonnes Outer metropolitan – medium risk
Light trailer – including caravan RuralĀ – low risk

Payments for short-term rego in Victoria can be made online or by phone, but there is a $2.60 fee for each renewal. This means it costs an extra $10.40 a year for quarterly renewals. Even so, eligible pensioners may get a 50% discount on registration and TAC fee for one vehicle.

Note, the cost of registration Vic will change if:

  • You move house to a different risk zone
  • You drive a different type of vehicle, or
  • Start claiming a concession.

If so, you can see registration fees online at VicRoads, based on your vehicle type and postcode.

Renew registration

You must renew rego in Victoria within 3 months of expiry. Otherwise it will be cancelled and you have to start a new one. To start a new registration, just go in person to VicRoads with evidence. For example, your identity, address, right to register a vehicle and its roadworthiness.

In Victoria, you don’t usually need a roadworthy inspection to renew rego. This is called a Certificate of Roadworthiness and you need it only when you:

  • Sell a vehicle
  • Register a used vehicle after registration was cancelled (3 months after expiry)
  • Clear a vehicle defect.

Remember, certificates are available only from a licensed vehicle tester. Cost depends on the age, type and condition of the vehicle.

You can now book appointments about licences and registrations with VicRoads online. This may be more convenient than booking by phone.

Book an appointment for licences and registrations.


Registration: VicRoads online

Phone: 13 11 71 Mon-Fri 8.30am to 5pm

Visit: Customer service centre, VicRoads agency or Roads Management Office

Write: Licence and Registration Services, GPO Box 1644, Melbourne Vic 3001

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