Registration Vic

Rego in Victoria

Most vehicle owners in Victoria used to register for 12 months. Since January 2018 they can pay for 3, 6 or 12 months. Remember, rego in Victoria includes CTP insurance from the Transport Accident Commission (TAC).

  • The registration cost depends on vehicle class (sedan, hatch, 4WD etc)
  • The fee for TAC CTP depends on your postcode (metro, outer metro or rural).
Types of vehicle Risk zones
Sedan, station wagon, hatch, 4WD Metropolitan – high risk
Goods carrying vehicles – up to 2 tonnes Outer metropolitan – medium risk
Light trailer – including caravan RuralĀ – low risk

Payments for short-term rego in Victoria are the same as usual (online, phone) but there is a $2.45 fee for each renewal. This means it costs an extra $9.80 a year for quarterly renewals. Even so, eligible pensioners may get a 50% discount on registration and TAC fee for one vehicle.

Note, the cost of registration Vic will change if you move house to a different risk zone. Or if you drive a different type of vehicle, or start claiming a concession. If so, you can calculate registration fees online at VicRoads, based on your postcode.

Renew registration

You must renew rego in Victoria within 3 months of expiry. Otherwise it will be cancelled and you have to start a new one. To start a new registration, just go in person to VicRoads with evidence. For example, your identity, address, right to register a vehicle and its roadworthiness.

In Victoria, you don’t usually need a roadworthy inspection to renew rego. This is called a Certificate of Roadworthiness and you need it only when you:

  • Sell a vehicle
  • Register a used vehicle after registration was cancelled (3 months after expiry)
  • Clear a vehicle defect.

Remember, certificates are available only from a licensed vehicle tester. Cost depends on the age, type and condition of the vehicle.


Registration: VicRoads online

Phone: 13 11 71 Mon-Fri 8.30am to 5pm

Visit: Customer service centre, VicRoads agency or Roads Management Office

Write: Licence and Registration Services, GPO Box 1644, Melbourne Vic 3001

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