Compare CTP Insurance South Australia

Compare CTP SA

You cannot currently compare CTP insurance South Australia as premium prices are fixed. The SA CTP scheme is in transition from a government scheme to one provided by private insurers. There are four licensed providers of CTP:

In July 2016, the new SA CTP scheme allocated vehicle owners one of these CTP insurers for 3 years. After 1 July 2019, the scheme will be opened to the market. From that date, you will be able to compare CTP SA prices and choose your insurer.

Premium prices are the same for each insurer and will remain fixed for the first 3 years. The regulator expects average increases to be about 3% each year.

All four approved insurers provide the same CTP insurance at exactly the same price. Hence, there is no advantage in being with any particular insurer. It also means, if you are injured in a road accident involving your vehicle, available compensation will be the same with each insurer.

If you have any questions about these providers of CTP insurance in SA, or about the scheme itself, you can direct them to the CTP Insurance Regulator.

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