Compare CTP Insurance South Australia

Compare CTP insurers in SA

The CTP scheme in South Australia opened to the market in July 2019. This means SA vehicle owners can choose their CTP insurer. For 3 years before that, the government fixed premium prices and allocated each vehicle owner one of four insurers.

These are the four insurers:

Choose a CTP insurer

To help you choose a CTP insurer, the CTP Regulator provides customer service ratings on each insurer. These are based on customer surveys of their handling of claims during the previous 6 months.

While insurers set their own premiums, the regulator has set a minimum and maximum allowable premium.

Insurers will now be allowed to offer incentives, such as reward programs, loyalty schemes or gift cards. Some of them might choose to bundle CTP insurance with, for example, household or comprehensive vehicle insurance. The purpose of this is to help cut a household’s total insurance bill.

Same coverage

Under the scheme, all four approved insurers provide the same CTP insurance coverage. If you are injured in a road accident involving your vehicle, you can claim the same available compensation whoever your insurer.

Note, if you buy a new car from a dealer after 1 July 2019, the scheme randomly allocates an insurer to prevent kickback commissions. If you are in this situation, you can choose a CTP insurer after 3 months.

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