Transfer Rego Qld

How to transfer registration in Qld

If you have just moved to Queensland and intend to stay longer than 14 days, you must transfer registration of your vehicle to Qld. Vehicles remaining registered in another state or territory but garaged in Qld after 14 days are considered unregistered in Qld and you can be fined. Find out how to transfer rego to Qld.

Owners of light vehicles can register for 1, 6 or 12 months. The 1-month option is available by direct debit only.  Owners of heavy vehicles only have a further 3-month option.

There are three steps to transfer rego to Qld:

  1. Make sure you are covered by current CTP insurance to drive to get the vehicle registered – this can be your current interstate CTP.
  2. Take your vehicle to an authorised inspection station (AIS) for a safety check.
  3. Go in person to a Transport and Main Roads customer service centre with required documents.

In Qld, you must go in person to a centre for the first registration. After that, you can renew registration online or by phone.

Once you have transferred registration to Qld, you must cancel registration in your previous state or territory. You can then apply for a refund of any remaining period from the state of the cancelled registration.

If you are moving from NSW, you are entitled to a separate refund of the CTP insurance. You must cancel NSW registration first and then show proof to the NSW CTP insurer to get any CTP refund due.

Use the checklist to easily transfer rego to Qld.

Safety certificate From an approved inspection station (AIS)
Vehicle registration application Complete
New customer application Complete
Proof of identity For example, birth certificate, passport, credit card, Medicare card
Proof of garaging address in Qld For example, rate notice or phone bill
Interstate number plates Hand these in
Payment All registration fees

Steps to transfer drivers licence

You can drive in Qld on an interstate drivers licence for only 3 months then you must transfer to a Qld licence. Go in person to a Transport and Main Roads customer service centre with your:

  1. Interstate or territory drivers licence
  2. Proof of identity, eg, birth certificate, passport, credit card
  3. Proof of your residential address, eg, contract of sale or lease agreement
  4. Driver licence application.

There is no fee to transfer your drivers licence, unless it has expired or almost expired.

What do you want to do?

1. How do I transfer rego from Qld to interstate?

The way to transfer rego from Qld to interstate depends entirely on which state or territory. Choose your destination here:

Transfer rego to ACT
Transfer rego to NSW
Transfer rego to NT
Transfer rego to SA
Transfer rego to Tas
Transfer rego to Vic
Transfer rego to WA

Once you have transferred rego interstate, you need to cancel rego in Qld.

2. How long can you drive on interstate plates in Qld?

You can drive on interstate plates for 14 days after you have moved to Qld. After that, your vehicle will be considered unregistered, even if it is registered in another state or territory.

3. How much does it cost to transfer a car in Qld?

The cost to transfer a car to Qld from another state or territory depends on the type of vehicle, number of cylinders, and whether it is for private or business use. These are average costs for a Class 1 private vehicle:

Qld safety certificate               $93
Registration fee                      $360
Traffic improvement fee          $63
CTP                                             $370
Number plate                             $34
Total                                           $920*

*As at May 2024.