Compare CTP Insurance Qld

Cheapest CTP Insurance Qld

In Queensland vehicle owners can choose a CTP insurer. Always compare CTP insurance Qld prices before renewing registration to get the cheapest CTP for your vehicle class and use type (business or private). Qld is one of the few states where you can compare CTP prices and switch to another CTP insurer.

When you renew registration in Qld, your current insurer continues to provide CTP insurance unless you choose a new provider. You can do this using the Qld government website or directly with your chosen insurer.

How to compare CTP

The Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) provides an online CTP premium calculator so you know what each insurer will charge. The calculator needs only four details:

  • Registration due date
  • Class of vehicle, eg, Class 1 is motor car or station wagon
  • Whether or not you claim for GST (input tax credit)
  • Period of registration.

There are also contact details for each CTP insurer.

When you compare CTP insurance Qld, consider these factors:

  • Price
  • Any current relationship with a CTP insurer
  • Further benefits that may be offered by an insurer
  • Insurer’s At-Fault Driver Cover.

All four insurers offer an extra benefit on top of CTP for drivers who are at fault in an accident.

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