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Darwin’s abandoned cars

abandoned cars

Earlier in 2007, the city alderman said Darwin was in danger of becoming the car wreck capital of Australia. Far from being the tropical city, it was fast becoming junk yard city. Many residents would agree. Abandoned cars are not pretty and not the best way to promote tourism. Read more

WA drivers hit in the pocket

transport costs

Perth residents have seen the biggest increase in transport costs across Australia, according to a transport affordability index. The average annual cost of transport was $17,023, $619 more than the previous quarter. Combined with a drop in weekly earnings, locals now spend 13.1% (10.5% last year) of their income just on getting around. Read more

Repeat drink and drug-drivers go to rehab


South Australian police caught 608 drug drivers and 131 drunk drivers last year for their third or more offence in five years. Now Parliament has passed a law that forces all repeat drink or drug drivers to go straight to rehab. Read more

Price freeze for Tas CTP

price freeze

Lucky Tasmanian motorists will pay unchanged registration/CTP premiums for at least 12 months. Owners of motor vehicles, motorcycles and taxis will all benefit. Transport Minister, Rene Hidding, says the welcome price freeze is partly because the cost of insurance claims has fallen. Read more

Progress of Canberra’s CTP jury

citizens jury

The citizens jury formed to debate changes to the ACT CTP scheme has now met twice. Its report recommends five priorities for the scheme. A majority approved the top three. They are: early access to medical and economic support, equitable cover for everybody and a value for money and efficient system. Read more

Unfair petrol prices in Brisbane

Brisbane drivers

Brisbane drivers have been paying 3.3 cents per litre too much in the past year. Together they spend $50 million more on petrol each year than motorists in other capital cities. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) says fuel retailers have, for eight years, been enjoying high prices at the expense of motorists. Read more

New Aussie ride-booking service


Ridesharing is due to start in the Northern Territory in February 2018. One enterprising Australian company, Hi-Oscar, hopes to be the first to market following Uber’s retreat. Hi-Oscar will be an Uber alternative, with several differences it hopes will make the difference. Read more

Reform of licence disqualification laws

licence disqualification

Reforms to licence disqualification laws in NSW will start in late October 2017. These new laws will help people get back on track. They will give police more on-the-spot powers to take away plates or vehicles. Read more

Register your Vic vehicle short term

short-term rego

Most vehicle owners in Victoria have to register for 12 months but next year that’s going to change. If your rego expires on or after 1 January 2018, you will have the option to pay for 3, 6 or 12 months. The Vic government hopes short-term rego will help take the pain away from the annual $800.80 bill for registration and CTP insurance. Read more

Young men catastrophically injured on WA roads


WA’s Catastrophic Injuries Support (CIS) scheme has been running since July 2016. Unfortunately, people who were catastrophically injured in road crashes were younger and more severely injured than first estimated. Three quarters of those were young men. Read more