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New camera blitz on wearing seatbelts


Mobile phone detection cameras have been so successful, the NSW government is going to add seatbelt detectors. After a 9-month grace period, drivers caught not wearing seatbelts can be fined from mid-2024. Read more

Which Sydney suburbs have the worst traffic?

If you’ve been sitting in traffic today, you’re not the only one. Sydney is the most congested city in Australia and even more congested than Los Angeles or San Francisco. If possible, it’s worth avoiding certain suburbs and intersections in Sydney. Is it time for a congestion tax? Read more

Lowest and highest transport costs in Australia

The latest AAA Transport Affordability Index found Darwin households have the second lowest transport costs in Australia. But it’s the fourth least affordable city. Meanwhile, Alice Springs has the highest transport costs of the regions and is the second least affordable region after Launceston in Tasmania. Read more

How affordable is transport in Tasmania?

The latest AAA Transport Affordability Index found transport is not very affordable in Hobart or Launceston. Hobart had the lowest total transport costs but the least affordable transport of all cities. Launceston had the lowest average earnings and transport was the least affordable across Australia. Read more

Digital licences and new phone penalties

digital drivers licences fines

Motorists in Victoria can look forward to digital drivers licences in 2024 following a trial in Ballarat. From March 2023, a further crackdown on using devices while driving aims to reduce deaths from distraction. Meanwhile, free online testing and P licences continues for novice drivers. Read more

New emissions-based registration for the ACT

Every ACT motorist can expect a new way of calculating vehicle registration from July 2024. Fees will be based on emissions from their vehicle, rather than weight. Meanwhile, more people with concession cards can qualify for free vehicle registration from July 2023. Read more

RAC finds distractions behind the wheel

Spare a thought for the RAC patrols next time you break down and call them out. A recent survey of RAC patrol callouts revealed that distraction is a serious threat to road safety. However, some are the findings are not so serious. Read more

Reform of Sydney’s tollroad network

From 1 January 2024, weekly tolls will be capped at $60 a week, on top of the existing rebate. The new NSW government has now taken on a review of Sydney’s tollroad network for the purpose of long-term reform. Read more