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Cut good drivers some slack


Nobody likes to get an infringement notice. But many people genuinely believe they are good drivers and are surprised when they receive one. In Victoria, licence suspensions are mandatory for drivers caught speeding more than 25kmh over the limit. Read more

Citizens jury to debate ACT CTP

citizens jury

The ACT government will be funding a series of citizens juries to make important reforms. The first citizens jury will give its verdict on the best ways to improve the ACT compulsory third party (CTP) scheme without making premiums more expensive. Currently, the cheapest insurer in the scheme is at least $100 more than the Australian average. Read more

Self-driving cars trial in Victoria

self-driving trial

Next time you take a toll road in Melbourne, you could be travelling next to a self-driving vehicle. It is a new trial in Victoria, run by VicRoads, Transurban, the Victoria Police and the RACV. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Volvo will supply the vehicles. While it sounds risky, there will be a driver with one hand on the wheel. Read more

Some Uber drivers may be uninsured

ridesharing WA

Uber is more popular than a taxi in Perth, according to Roy Morgan research. It’s the first city in Australia where this is true. But many Uber drivers may not be complying with ridesharing legislation, introduced in July 2016. In fact, many are taking big personal risks by not being fully insured. Read more

Services that drive you home in Canberra

designated driving

You must have CTP insurance if you want to own and drive a vehicle in the ACT. But just because you own a vehicle does not mean you always want to drive it. Why not investigate new on-demand options for getting around?

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Longer jail terms for dangerous driving

dangerous driving

Dangerous driving is a serious offence in Tasmania and it’s about to become a lot more serious. This is because dangerous driving will move from the Traffic Act to the Criminal Code. As a result, offenders face a trial by jury in the Supreme Court, rather than trial by magistrate only. They could end up in jail for up to 21 years. Read more

NT last to make ridesharing legal


Northern Territory is the last place in Australia to make ridesharing legal. The government announced proposed regulations in April 2017. Uber was critical, saying the barriers for entry are too high for most drivers, who only work part time. Read more

The cost of getting around in Melbourne


A March 2017 report found Melbourne is the the third most expensive city in Australia for getting around, with yearly transport costs of $18,889. This is 14.5% of average income, compared to a national average of 13%. Considering average income rather than actual cost, Melbourne is the fourth most affordable. Read more

You can still get driveway service

service stations

Many older motorists may remember the days of driveway service at their local petrol station. That was before they were called service stations, which is ironic, considering there isn’t much of that.

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