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Why Hobart commuters are not happy


Commuters may feel aggrieved that Sydney and Melbourne residents view Hobart as some kind of haven from the mainland. This is because Hobart’s peak hour commuting time is very long and ranks third in Australia after the big two. Not only that, it’s the second most expensive city, as a share of income, for weekly travel by car and public transport. Read more

New CTP class for your rideshare vehicle

Class 26

Since 3 October 2017, owners of rideshare vehicles in Queensland can apply for a new class of compulsory third party insurance (CTP). Class 26 is the new class for “booked hire”. It applies to Qld registered vehicles that are used for rideshare or ride-booking services, such as Uber or GoCatch. Read more

Are Canberra drivers the worst in the country?

Canberra drivers

You may have heard Canberra drivers are the worst in the country. Whether it is true or not – and by what standards – nobody claims to know. If the measure used is safety, then ACT is the safest place to be a driver. In fact, only five people died on ACT roads in 2017. Read more

Are speed cameras just for revenue?

covert speed cameras

President of Queensland Police Union caused a stir recently when he claimed covert speed cameras were for revenue only. He also said too much time passes between speeding and getting a ticket for the fine to be relevant. No doubt, many would agree with him. But Queensland police are determined to keep using unmarked mobile speed cameras. Read more

Speed cameras now catch WA bikers

Mobile speed cameras

Motorcyclists in WA used to avoid detection by mobile speed cameras simply because they lacked front licence plates. Now WA Police have started to use mobile speed cameras that can take images from the front and the back. This new technology will put motorcyclists in the same position as motorists. Read more

Class action against Uber in Vic

taxi drivers

Disgruntled taxi drivers in Melbourne have the chance to take part in a possible class action against Uber. Lawyers claim taxi drivers experienced severe loss of income between 2013 and August 2017 because of Uber. They allege taxi drivers operated within the law while Uber ignored it. It is a sign of big changes in Victoria’s passenger vehicle industry. Read more

Darwin’s abandoned cars

abandoned cars

Earlier in 2007, the city alderman said Darwin was in danger of becoming the car wreck capital of Australia. Far from being the tropical city, it was fast becoming junk yard city. Many residents would agree. Abandoned cars are not pretty and not the best way to promote tourism. Read more

WA drivers hit in the pocket

transport costs

Perth residents have seen the biggest increase in transport costs across Australia, according to a transport affordability index. The average annual cost of transport was $17,023, $619 more than the previous quarter. Combined with a drop in weekly earnings, locals now spend 13.1% (10.5% last year) of their income just on getting around. Read more

Repeat drink and drug-drivers go to rehab


South Australian police caught 608 drug drivers and 131 drunk drivers last year for their third or more offence in five years. Now Parliament has passed a law that forces all repeat drink or drug drivers to go straight to rehab. Read more

Price freeze for Tas CTP

price freeze

Lucky Tasmanian motorists will pay unchanged registration/CTP premiums for at least 12 months. Owners of motor vehicles, motorcycles and taxis will all benefit. Transport Minister, Rene Hidding, says the welcome price freeze is partly because the cost of insurance claims has fallen. Read more