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Why Qld CTP is fair and affordable

affordable charge

Car owners in Queensland have the most affordable compulsory third party (CTP) insurance scheme in Australia. According to the MAIC CTP Scheme Insights Report, premiums averaged across the year dropped from $356 during 2017 to $347 during 2019. Meanwhile, insurer profits are also starting to fall. Read more

SA motorists save on CTP

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South Australian motorists could save up to $114 a year on CTP insurance since the market opened to competition in July 2019. In fact, a typical Adelaide household with 1.8 vehicles could save up to $200 for the year. Changes to ratings districts will save some vehicle owners even more money. Read more

Citizens Jury to ReThink CTP in Qld

citizens jury

Most Queenslanders don’t know what compulsory third party (or motor injury) insurance really covers. At least half wrongly think it covers damage to their vehicles in an accident. The RACQ’s ReThink CTP campaign is designed to help people understand CTP. It will also set up the first citizens jury in Qld, to change and improve how CTP works. Read more

Travel expenses in Sydney and Wagga


Wagga Wagga is the most affordable country area in Australia, costing $261 a week and 10% of incomes. Sydney households spend nearly two thirds more on transport than those in Wagga Wagga. Read more

Digital drivers licences not accepted everywhere in SA

digital drivers licences fines

In October 2017, South Australia was the first state in Australia to launch drivers licences on phones. They were intended to replace physical cards. During the first few months, learner drivers were most enthusiastic to take them up. Read more

Queensland taxi owners sue over Uber

taxi owners

Nearly a thousand taxi owners in Queensland are suing their government alleging Uber shrunk the value of their taxi rights. The combined loss of licence value across the state is estimated to be $1.5 billion. Taxi Council Queensland says it did not join the case because of poor prospects of success. Read more

Mobile pink slips for five NSW regions

The NSW government trial of mobile pink slips began in April 2018. It started with the Sydney metro, Newcastle, Wollongong and the Central Coast. In December 2019, drivers in Blue Mountains, Port Macquarie, Southern Highlands, Tamworth and Wagga Wagga will get the same opportunity. Read more

New CTP scheme for Canberrans


From 1 February 2020, Canberrans will have a new, no-fault system of motor vehicle accident insurance. CTP will now be known as Motor Accident Injury (MAI) insurance. The purpose of reform is to provide: Read more