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Reform of licence disqualification laws

Reforms to licence disqualification laws in NSW will start in late October 2017. These new laws will help people get back on track. They will give police more on-the-spot powers to take away plates or vehicles. Read more

Register your Vic vehicle short term

short-term rego

Most vehicle owners in Victoria have to register for 12 months but next year that’s going to change. If your rego expires on or after 1 January 2018, you will have the option to pay for 3, 6 or 12 months. The Vic government hopes short-term rego will help take the pain away from the annual $800.80 bill for registration and CTP insurance. Read more

Young men catastrophically injured on WA roads


WA’s Catastrophic Injuries Support (CIS) scheme has been running since July 2016. Unfortunately, people who were catastrophically injured in road crashes were younger and more severely injured than first estimated. Three quarters of those were young men. Read more

Do Queenslanders understand CTP?


Just because you register your vehicle every year does not mean you know all about compulsory third party (CTP) insurance. This is why Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) regularly surveys Qld motorists and new car buyers to find out how much they understand CTP insurance. Read more

Uber upsets taxi drivers in SA

taxi drivers

Taxi drivers recently protested against Uber at Adelaide Airport. In fact, taxi drivers all over Australia claim they operate under regulations while Uber can do what it likes. This is now starting to change. Read more

Cost of running a vehicle in Tas

cost of running

Do you know the cost of running your vehicle each week? The Royal Automobile Club Tasmania (RACT) does a survey each year to help you keep track.

Its 2017 survey reveals the cost of running 134 popular vehicles in 14 categories. The final cost is based on owning them privately for 5 years and driving about 12,000kms per year. It includes all expenses: purchase price, fuel, servicing, interest, insurance, new tyres and depreciation. Read more

Cut good drivers some slack


Nobody likes to get an infringement notice. But many people genuinely believe they are good drivers and are surprised when they receive one. In Victoria, licence suspensions are mandatory for drivers caught speeding more than 25kmh over the limit. Read more

Citizens jury to debate ACT CTP

citizens jury

The ACT government will be funding a series of citizens juries to make important reforms. The first citizens jury will give its verdict on the best ways to improve the ACT compulsory third party (CTP) scheme without making premiums more expensive. Currently, the cheapest insurer in the scheme is at least $100 more than the Australian average. Read more

Self-driving cars trial in Victoria

self-driving trial

Next time you take a toll road in Melbourne, you could be travelling next to a self-driving vehicle. It is a new trial in Victoria, run by VicRoads, Transurban, the Victoria Police and the RACV. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Volvo will supply the vehicles. While it sounds risky, there will be a driver with one hand on the wheel. Read more