Time to choose your CTP insurer


Vehicle owners in South Australia are about to get a choice of CTP insurers. During the 3-year transition from the MAC to four private insurers, owners were randomly allocated an insurer. From 1 July 2019, they must choose a CTP insurer based on price and service.

Same coverage but different price

From 1 July 2019 the four insurers will continue to offer exactly the same coverage, but will compete on price and claimant service ratings:

  • Competing on price will help to keep premiums fair and equitable
  • Competing on service will help improve the standard of service for people making a claim.

Your registration renewal form will have a new section showing each insurer’s price, GST and claimant service rating. You must choose one of the four insurers, tick the box for that insurer, and pay your registration as usual.

Claimant service rating

The average service rating for each insurer is based on results from surveys on a rolling 6-month basis.

An independent provider carries out short, anonymous telephone surveys with CTP claimants who agree to give feedback. The survey asks:

  • How responsive was the insurer to the claimant?
  • Was information they provided easy to understand?
  • How professional were the insurer’s staff?

What to do next

If you are not sure what to do if your registration falls due after 1 July 2019, there is a simple video here to help you choose.