Digital drivers licences not accepted everywhere in SA

digital drivers licences fines

In October 2017, South Australia was the first state in Australia to launch drivers licences on phones. They were intended to replace physical cards. During the first few months, learner drivers were most enthusiastic to take them up.

Drivers licences are among other forms of digital ID available, including proof of age cards, occupational licences and registration details. Users have to login only once to mySA GOV to access all the different features.

Digital licence problems

Digital licences are supposed to replace physical cards. However, some businesses have not been able to accept them. Bottle shops, car-hire companies and even Australia Post have had technical difficulties. Coles bottle shops claim they do not have a mobile device in place to verify digital drivers licences.

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure is addressing the problem and recommends people in SA continue to carry their physical licence until this is solved.

NSW adopts digital

NSW was the second state to adopt digital licences. The NSW government began issuing digital drivers licences in late October 2019 following a trial in Dubbo, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Albury. Motorists have been warned to carry their physical licences as well as their smartphones.

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