Travel expenses in Adelaide and Mount Gambier

Adelaide drivers

Mount Gambier households spend $285 a week, which is 14% of typical incomes there. Mount Gambier is the third least affordable regional areas in Australia.

Adelaide is one of the more affordable cities for travelling around. In the September 2019 quarter, the average Adelaide household spent $325 a week. Since transport costs are around 14% of incomes, Adelaide is more affordable than Hobart, Melbourne or Brisbane.

The affordability index

The AAA Transport Affordability Index generates these figures each quarter. It is based on a representative family household that owns two cars and uses public transport. Costs include car loan payments, registration and insurance, fuel, servicing, roadside assistance, tolls and public transport. Depreciation and parking are not included.

Over time, the AAA index offers a useful picture of what kinds of travel expenses are increasing and which ones are falling or fluctuating.

How travel expenses compare

Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are still the most expensive cities for transport. Adelaide comes in 6th for total cost and 5th for affordability.







Sydney $424 1 14% 4
Melbourne $400 2 15% 3
Brisbane $394 3 16% 2
Adelaide  $325 6 14% 5

CTP premiums dropped

The change in South Australia to a fully market-based CTP scheme after a 3-year transition has reduced registration, CTP and licensing costs. The typical city household saved $3.69 per week or $192 a year. Adelaide (and Darwin) saw the biggest decreases in their transport budgets during the September 2019 quarter.

Getting around Mount Gambier

Registration, CTP and licensing were $239 cheaper in all regional areas because of lower CTP premiums. In the September 2019 quarter in Mount Gambier:

  • Transport costs were $285 per week
  • Savings on CTP were $1.88 a week or $98 a year.
  • Transport costs were low, except for car loan payments, comprehensive insurance.

Remember, CTP is always cheaper for rural vehicle owners than for metro vehicle owners.