Transfer Registration SA

Transfer registration to South Australia

If you have just moved to South Australia, you must transfer registration to SA within 3 months of taking up residency. If not, your vehicle is legally unregistered even if it remains registered in another state or territory.

First, to transfer registration to SA, vehicle owners must visit a Service SA office in person with required documents. These include, for example, your current interstate registration certificate or roadworthy inspection, proof of identity and address.

If you cannot show an interstate registration certificate, your vehicle needs a roadworthy inspection to confirm its correct identity.

Finally, the checklist will help you smoothly transfer registration SA.

Application for registration and third party insurance Complete
Proof of identity For example, birth certificate, passport, credit card, Medicare card
Proof of residency in SA For example, tax notice or bank letter
Proof of identity of vehicle For example, interstate registration certificate or SA roadworthy inspection
Payment for all fees Registration, stamp duty if payable, number plates

If you want to transfer your rego to SA, you must cancel registration in your previous state or territory.

Note, this will automatically cancel CTP insurance in all states except NSW. In NSW, you must cancel registration first and then take proof to the insurer to cancel CTP insurance.

Steps to transfer drivers licence

You can drive in SA on an interstate drivers licence as a visitor for only 90 days. After that, you must transfer to an SA licence. Simply go in person to a Service SA customer service centre with your:

  1. Interstate or territory drivers licence
  2. Evidence of identity and residence, eg, birth certificate, passport, lease agreement
  3. Concession card, if required
  4. Completed application form.

Finally, there is no fee to transfer your drivers licence unless it has expired.

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