Transfer Registration NT

Transfer to the NT

If you have moved to the Northern Territory to live, you must change your interstate vehicle registration to the NT within 3 months of settling there. If you do not, your vehicle will be legally unregistered, even if it is registered in another state or territory. This is how to transfer to the NT.

If the vehicle is more than 5 years old, it needs a Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) vehicle inspection and compliance check from an authorised inspector. The cost of doing this is already included in your registration fee.

You must go in person to an MVR office with documents required for transfer, eg, evidence of identity, garaging address and ownership, as well as fees to be paid.

The checklist will help you transfer registration to the NT.

Application to register a vehicle Complete
Roadworthy inspection and compliance check Passed
Proof of identity For example, birth certificate, passport, credit card, Medicare card
Proof of residency in NT For example, rate notice or phone bill
Proof of ownership For example, contract of sale or previous rego
Payment for all fees Registration, stamp duty, number plates

To transfer your registration from another state or territory, you must cancel registration in the other state or territory.

Note, this will cancel CTP insurance in all states except NSW. In NSW, you must cancel registration with the RMS and take proof to your CTP insurer who will cancel CTP insurance.

Steps to transfer drivers licence

You are allowed to drive in the Northern Territory on an interstate or overseas drivers licence as a visitor. After 3 months of living in the NT, you must convert to an NT licence. Go in person to an MVR office (or some Australia Post outlets) with your:

  1. Interstate or territory drivers licence
  2. Proof of identity, eg, birth certificate, passport, credit card
  3. Proof of residency, eg, contract of sale or lease agreement.

There is no fee to transfer your driver licence to the NT unless you need to renew your licence as well.

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