Price freeze for Tas CTP

price freeze

Lucky Tasmanian motorists will pay unchanged registration/CTP premiums for at least 12 months. Owners of motor vehicles, motorcycles and taxis will all benefit. Transport Minister, Rene Hidding, says the welcome price freeze is partly because the cost of insurance claims has fallen.

Did you know vehicle owners have already enjoyed a $24 drop in rego since December 2016?

Review of CTP

Tas economic regulator has reviewed CTP pricing by government insurer, Motor Accidents Insurance Board (MAIB).

One recommendation was to create a new class of vehicle – ride-sourcing vehicle.

Ride-sourcing is the same as ridesharing or ride-booking and used for services like Uber. Owners of ride-sourcing vehicles would pay the same as other Class 1 motor cars. Or at least until the insurer has more data about their actual risks on the road.

From 1 December 2018, the regulator recommended all premiums increase by the growth in wages (AWE). Ultimately, the Tasmanian government only decides whether or not to accept these recommendations.

Registration in Tas

Registration in Tasmania is still the cheapest in Australia:

  • Class 1 Motor Car $314 (same discounts for pensioners)
  • Light Goods Vehicle $314
  • Heavy Goods Vehicle $485
  • Motorcycles – $167 for small, $465 for medium and large
  • Ride-sourcing vehicle $314 (proposed new class).

You can find out more about registration in Tasmania.

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