SA insurer ratings improve

survey insurer ratings

Vehicle owners now see service ratings for each CTP insurer on their registration renewal forms. In the 6 months to March 2020, all insurers improved their service ratings. Meanwhile, prices of CTP premiums stayed at $296.77. However from 1 July 2020, 1.2% of vehicle owners will have to pay more because of changes to district boundaries.

Insurer ratings

Whenever somebody makes a claim after a motor accident, they are asked to take part in a survey. They must rate their overall experience of how the insurer handled their claim, on a scale of 0-100. The regulator then averages results from the previous 6 months to arrive at a Claimant Service Rating for each insurer.

Ratings 30 April 2020 30 Sept 2019
AAMI 81% 76%
Allianz 73% 71%
QBE 75% 73%
SGIC 84% 68%

In the 7-month period, SGIC has clearly achieved the biggest jump in insurer ratings.

Changes in boundaries

As noted in our last SA News, district boundaries change from 1 July 2020.

District 1 to 2 – 19,000 vehicle owners move to District 2, saving $96 or 32% for passenger cars.
District 2 to 1 – 12,000 vehicle owners (Aldinga Beach, Sellicks Beach, Lewiston and Two Wells) move to District 1, a $29 increase from 2018-19 for passenger cars.

With 993,000 vehicle owners in South Australia, only 1.2% will be negatively affected by these changes.