ACT budget for motorists

save excess refund

The ACT budget for 2017 had a few nasty surprises for motorists but could make a few campers happy. Parking fees and fines are going up but registration fees for Canberra caravans and camper trailers are going down.

Parking fines

The government took a cool $11.6 million in parking fines in 2016-17. But thanks to more enforcement, licence plate recognition and 6% indexation of parking fines, it expects to make $16 million in 2017-18. Unfortunately, careless drivers will fund this huge 38% increase.

  • Paid parking fees will rise by 6%
  • Drivers who falsely display a mobility parking sticker to park in disability spaces will get bigger fines.

Everyone knows parking in Canberra is limited. The NRMA says revenue should be used to create more parking options, such as Park and Ride, so drivers are not tempted to risk fines.


Registration for caravans and trailers will be reduced. Meanwhile, other vehicle owners will have to pay an extra 5% for registration:

  • Small cars – an extra $45
  • Medium cars – an extra $48
  • Large cars – an extra $56.

During 2016-17, the ACT government collected $227,742 million in motor vehicle registrations, driver licences, parking fees and fines, and traffic infringements. The budget forecast is for a 6.5% increase to $242,594 million.

This financial year, make sure you are not an unnecessary contributor to the ACT government coffers.