Citizens Jury to ReThink CTP in Qld

citizens jury

Most Queenslanders don’t know what compulsory third party (or motor injury) insurance really covers. At least half wrongly think it covers damage to their vehicles in an accident. The RACQ’s ReThink CTP campaign is designed to help people understand CTP. It will also set up the first citizens jury in Qld, to change and improve how CTP works.

RACQ ReThink CTP campaign

RACQ will invite thousands of people to register their interest in being part of the citizens jury. The jury needs 50 people, 16 and over, who can meet over four days and one evening in February and March 2020. As long as they have no financial interest, they are eligible to take part.

A jury advisory group has been set up to inform the jury. It includes professionals who do have a financial interest – Suncorp and RACQ, two local law firms, an actuary, and Australian Physiotherapy Association.

RACQ claims the purpose of the citizens jury is to: “move the debate away from insurers, lawyers, and state government – people who have a financial stake in the CTP scheme – and put the focus back where it belongs: on the people the scheme is there to protect and the motorists who fund it”.

A similar citizen’s jury was set up in the ACT in August 2017 to choose a new CTP scheme. Its chosen scheme was the most radical option of four and purported to have the cheapest premiums.