mySA GOV replacing EzyReg


SA motorists who usually use an EzyReg account to do their transactions must now use mySA GOV. It’s part of the plan to put all transactions with the SA government in the same place with one login. The app will store all your information digitally and safely. Also, it will send you vehicle registration reminders so you don’t have to worry about forgetting again.

The new mySA GOV app can store selected government passes and licences on your Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

Currently, the app stores proof of age cards, boat licences and land agent details but others will be added over time. For example, digital driver’s licences (learners, provisional and full licence) should be available in late 2017.


Many people question the security of having all their personal information available from one source.  Fortunately, this app has several layers of security:

  • Encrypted storage
  • Safe connections
  • Screenshot protection
  • One-time barcode
  • PIN and fingerprint protection
  • Identity verification.

Remember, if you already have an EzyReg account, you can login to mySA GOV using your existing details.

People who prefer not to do their transactions online – or are unable to – will still be able to keep their physical licences for some time to come. In fact, some businesses may request to see a physical licence because they are not yet set up for digital ID.